If you ask me, the original story spoke from an unknown beloved young buck regarding an unknown mother, who was actually forfeited

If you ask me, the original story spoke from an unknown beloved young buck regarding an unknown mother, who was actually forfeited

Regarding amazing culture away from Genesis 24, the brand new wide range lavished up on Rebecca allegedly derived from Isaac’s very own, separate wide range

There are various other somewhat incongruous aspects of which final section of story which can be value detailing. For example, in addition to the cryptic mention of Rebecca’s “mom’s house” in verse twenty eight, it is just during the verses 53 and 55 you to definitely Rebecca’s mommy in fact seems and you will speaks, regardless if she stays nameless. And Laban no longer is known by-name, but only once the “their aunt.” Once again, just in verse 61 do we tune in to you to definitely Rebecca was an enthusiastic aristocratic woman that have a complete entourage of “maidens.” It is at the least a little while surprising you to for example a beneficial highbred lady manage go, unaccompanied, on common better of one’s urban area, and individually draw-water and supply take in to help you a stranger and you may his camels. In the long run, verses 59–60 checks out, “So that they sent the sister Rebecca on her ways, along with her nurse… In addition they privileged Rebecca and you may thought to their, “All of our sis, get you increase so you’re able to thousands on plenty; can get your own offspring possess the places of the opponents.” This provides the feeling one to several anonymous brothers or kinsmen were involved in the relationships negotiations, even when we tune in to nothing of them until this time. At the least these unique keeps can be grounded on the fresh presumed very early culture. (It may be detailed, although not, that verse 61a, and this merchandise Rebecca’s maidens because the travelling toward [ten] camels [cf. v. 10], coincides defectively towards the indisputable fact that the slave is with an enthusiastic entourage from “men” (cf. vv. thirty two, 54, 59). Exactly how did this type of guys travel back again to Canaan if the Rebecca’s maidens moved for the camels? 61b, “the fresh new slave took Rebecca and you can ran” is a multiple so you’re able to v. 61a, and you will comes throughout the prior to version.)

It essay sales primarily on versatility off Isaac off Abraham since the viewed thanks to a significant investigation regarding Gen 26. I believe the same state abides by the storyline of the latest “joining out-of Isaac” from Gen twenty-two. Interpreters have traditionally grappled to your unusual undeniable fact that God’s demand you to definitely Abraham compromise Isaac contradicts his personal guarantee that he manage model of Isaac, the brand new young man away from Sarah, a good nation. There’s little paradoxical about any of it demand, as this simply young man was never bound to be more than Abraham’s heir. Only at a holiday stage are that it young man recognized that have Sarah’s child, Isaac, the latest young man of your own covenant, and, accordingly, saved at past moment. Furthermore, the initial covenant of circumcision from inside the Genesis 17 failed to are verses 15-21, and this identify that the covenant carry out keep entirely because of Sarah and you can her son, Isaac. It developed out of Abraham as the dad out-of several circumcised individuals rather than just you to definitely personal nation. I really hope to grow on these info elsewhere in the future. On the versatility regarding Abraham regarding the Isaac lifestyle mention together with this new references so you can Abraham alone at, inter alia, Psalm ; Isa. 51:2; Ezek. .

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We are going to perhaps not imagine right here issue from in the event Isaac and you may Jacob have been immediately following completely independent of a single a special. This new rates are connected together, beyond Genesis, into the Amos eight:nine, sixteen, though they are certainly not necessarily thought of indeed there once the father and you can young man.

More over, the very vackra Brasiliansk-brudar last editor out-of Genesis 24 found to present Abraham not merely as the Isaac’s father, also just like the way to obtain all that is actually their (vv. 34–36), which is the same kind of editing we see in Genesis 26, and therefore recasts Isaac’s achievement when you look at the looking wells because the an act from re-searching his father, Abraham’s wells.

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